Thanksgiving Style: Relax Gentlemen It's Just A Tie, 3 Ways To Make It Casual!

Tie's can be casual too. When men think ties, they think suits. I know because I've asked the men in my life why don't they wear ties more often. The answer I get is that they come off too dressy. Well the same can be said for Thanksgiving. It's a holiday, dressy in nature but it can be casual too. 

Here's 3 ways that ties can be casual this Thanksgiving. 

The hoodie: My favorite look this Winter Season. It instantly adds a casual feel to any tie outfit.

The sweater & jeans: This is the casual suit. I see men sport this look without the tie, which works. But this Thanksgiving add a tie for the perfect holiday casual look.

The short sleeve shirt & tie. The short sleeve dress shirt is not often worn past summer. This holiday you can pull it out of the closet and add a tie. Why does it work? I don't know if you've forgotten how hot a house can get from hours and hours of cooking. It gets pretty hot. This way you can still be comfortable, but not dressed down. Also instead of Summer khakis go ahead and pair it with dark jeans.

These are 3 simple easy ways to enjoy your Thanksgiving in style. But these looks don't just work for one day. You can definitely sport these looks all winter long.

Happy Thanksgiving!


themiddleages said...
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themiddleages said...

Fantastic!!The hoodie an awesome....sweater & jeans is looks stunning...short sleeve shirt & tie is perfect....:))

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