Thanksgiving Style : Yes, You Can Still Look Good While Eating Your Weight In Turkey.

This Monday kicks off Thanksgiving week. I know Thanksgiving is on Thursday, but my head is in food mode starting today. It's my third favorite Holiday behind Christmas and the Fourth of July. It must be the foodie in me. Anyways besides the food and the family aspect of the Holiday, there is the style of it.

 How does style fit in? 

 Well, Thanksgiving is an extended family holiday. In some cases it maybe the only time of year that you see a lot of your family. So it's important to look a little put together. So this had me thinking.... What would be a comfortable, yet stylish option for Thanksgiving?

Then I had it - a comfortable sweatshirt.

The trick is to dress it up a little.

I'm like you. I want to be in comfortable outfit that doesn't look like I am getting ready for bed. So the sweatshirt paired with a beautiful skirt can do the trick. You can be cozy in your favorite worn in sweatshirt, not feel restricted by your outfit and look stylish at the same time.

If you're not feeling the long flowy skirt, your favorite jeans paired with a sweatshirt can still impress the family. The look above is half way there. I would add a chunky necklace and a big ring. The shoes can be heeled boots and you are Thanksgiving ready.

I'm definitely going to try this look this year. Do you have a go to outfit for Thanksgiving?

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