More Than Just A Look, 4 Different Ways To Rock Houndstooth.

Whenever I think of  houndstooth I automatically think of a sharp looking coat. I love the idea of a chic houndstooth coat, but once I started to do a little research into the look I found other amazing ways to wear the style. 

  1. Clutch it up. The added houndstooth detail add not only a little sophistication, but a little bit of fun. 
  2. Red & Houndstooth. One of my favorite colors is red, but I never thought of rocking it out  in a red shade. I may just have to try this. 
  3. Sequins & Houndstooth. Sometimes the most unlikely of combinations are the best kind of looks. This mini skirt is no exception. 
  4. Heels & Houndstooth. Perfect for a mixed print look. It will probably be hard not to wear these with everything.
Do you rock houndstooth? 



Anonymous said...

I love this print..it's so classic and never ever wrong.


Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

thanks for sharing! Over in Australia the Hounds Tooth is synonymous with a huge Department Store called David Jones, whenever I see it I can't help but shake that image from my head. But hopefully i'll think of these pictures you have posted now :)
loving your blog, your newest follower! xx


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