Not Even Olivia Benson Could Convince Me: Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks can be beautiful, I don't deny that. Their just not for me. For awhile I thought my favorite show L&O SVU was trying to brainwash me into wearing them. I swear Olivia Benson wore them every episode for the first few seasons. So if my favorite show couldn't convince me, I really don't think anyone can.

OK, so the look below made me think twice,but I am sticking pretty hard to my guns.

To say I feel like I am suffocating when I wear them sounds a little harsh, but its true. I've learned the hard way that my neck likes to be free.

How do you feel about turtlenecks?

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Malcriada said...

Giiiiirl, I loves me some turtlenecks! I wear them TOO much, its like a sickness I admit, but I understand if your neck needs to breathe. :)

Brand new to your blog and it is really grabbin' me! Thanks and happy new year!


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