Trends of 2011 That Will Be Alive & Trending in 2012

Trends of 2011

Trends are known to be blips on the style timeline. I must admit there are few trends that I opt into because 1) the investment - why spend money on a trend that will at most last the season? 2) Not all trends work for my body type.

 But here are 6 trends that I wrote about in 2011 that will be trending in 2012.

Polka Dot Style
In this post I wrote about polka dot summer style. It's no secret that polka dots have a revival year to year, but its the way you wear it season to season that make it a trend. 

Let Neon In
My love for neon started to seep into my style choices this past summer. I know I will be having a full love affair with neon this upcoming summer.

Leather Shorts a Trend That's Rocking
Sure, the idea of leather shorts sound uncomfortable, but damn do they look good. They are on my must have list for 2012.

Don't Neglect Your Sequins 

Sequins had quite the year in 2011. There were blazers, pants, tank tops, skirts and even shoes. With all of these sitting in your closet how could you not want to have a little fun with them in 2012. 

Rolled Up Jeans & Heels 

I didn't roll up my jeans for many years. I thought it made my petite frame look even smaller. Than this past year I started to see the look pop up on different outfit posts. Since I am always for second chances, I tried it. Needless to say I fell in love with the look. Especially since it makes my heels pop out a little more. 

The Two Toned Nail Trend
My favorite trend from 2011. It's easy to change, costs practically nothing and stands out. I am pretty positive that this trend will be having a lot of fun in 2012. 

What 2011 trends will you be rocking in 2012?

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