Bored with Your Same Old Sweater Look? Try This Out!

In 1992 Kriss Kross had kids wearing their clothes inside out. Now fashion bloggers want you to wear you sweaters backwards. Back in the Kriss Kross “do it inside out” phenomenon parents just didn’t understand. They would make you march right back in your room and fix your clothes. The backwards trend is being met with some praise. How do you feel about the “wear it backwards” look?

The deep v-neck.

Just a few unbuttoned buttons. 

When it comes to achieving the best backwards look it all comes down to the sweater and the hair. When I used to have long hair I knew that every time I wore a top with a lot of back detail, I had to bun it. So if you’re a girl who loves sweaters, buns or maybe you just like to walk backwards – this look is for you.

The satorialist


Rebecca said...

I love the idea, but I definitely think it depends on how the front (back?) looks. But I will say I'll be trying this out.

Rebecca (hearts)...

elissa said...

i don't think i could pull this off but these images are so striking!

Melissa Blake said...

ooooh, i love the yellow sweater...and the last one is awesome too! Great round-up!

Coby said...

I want to see the fronts!!

Amy said...

do you know where the dark green baggy cardigan is from?!?!?! it is gorgeous and i need it!!!!!!!!!

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