Look Again Fashion: It's All In The Details!

It's all in the details even when it comes to the bottom part of your outfit. I know we can all get distracted by a pretty top and just opt to pair it with some nice jeans. That's not a bad thing, but a detailed pants/shorts  can make just as strong of a statement.

For a petite girl I taught myself to not even look at pants that had detail down to the ankle, you can't hem that. But lately I have been taking a second look because more and more bottoms are adding a detail that will even work for petite girls. 

So even though you may a girl who focuses more on pretty tops, don't forget that the bottom part of  your outfit can make just as strong of a statement. 

source: tumblr images

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MizzJ said...

Wow those shorts are so cool, not to mention I'm so jealous of that girl's teeny waist!

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