Spring Dreaming: Skirts That You Will Want In Your Closet.

 So what does a girl do in a middle of a snow storm? She looks up fun skirts online. I love the snow as much as anyone, if anyone likes to watch snow fall from the comfort of her warm living room. It's not that I don't like snow, I just don't like being cold. That's why I am looking forward to sunny days where fun skirts can come out and play. Last year it was all about color blocking, this spring and summer it will be all about fun prints. 

After coming across a few awesome skirts, I wanted to find a few that I could make my own. The hardest part? Deciding which one to buy. 

For the record its still snowing. It makes it a little hard to picture a time where I won't need to layer, but its fun to plan for it.

Source for 1st 2 photos: Tumblr


Tori Lynn said...

I just did a very similar post. I live in Spokane, WA and we are just now getting lots of snow!
I am excited for new spring dresses in pastel colors and metallic gladiators.

Anonymous said...

These skirts are super great... esp the first one! It looks like a stained glass window from a church... plus it looks like a bandage style so it would be great for perking up the boo-tay. I've been pretending to work, but mostly online shopping today too. Ha. Happy snow day Alix!

Vyque said...

oo, where's that second inkblot skirt from??

Amanda Silver said...

I vote for the last one and the Poodle Pocket Skirt :)di

Laura said...

I just found your blog (following you on Twitter) and it's amazing, I love your style and fashion trends you present. You write in such interesting way aswell. Definitely following your blog and coming back here soon.

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