Winter Blues? When In Doubt Add Nude.

Who doesn't like a little play on words? I do. Last Spring I was crushing pretty hard on the Nude trend. Well ladies the trend is not a trend, its a fashion must go to staple. If you don't believe me, will you believe Jessica Alba? She rocks the style in the most casual way possible and looks great. Do you need more examples of how nude can make your black outfit pop? Done!

Jessica Alba in different shades of nude. 

The nude leather jacket. Some may call it brown, but it's just light enough to be in the nude family. 

The gorgeous Taylor Sterling added a nude coat to her black outfit. Chic and sexy!

Forget the black shoes when it comes to skinny black jeans and say hello to nude heels. 

Peek a boo nude, just a little lace overlay and you have a sophisticated fancy look. 

I really hope Jessica Alba and these other lovely ladies convinced you that its OK to go nude. 
I may have stated that this look is no longer a trend, but a staple. I stand behind that. 



Rebecca said...

LOVE the nude heels and black skinnies. I've been on the hunt for a good (affordable) pair of nude pumps for a while now.

Rebecca (hearts)...

Mollie Ruiz-Hopper said...

LOVE this! I bought a nude blouse recently and wear it a lot, on the hunt for some great nude shoes next!

AlixRose said...

Rebecca and Mollie.
I bought a comfortable and sleek pair of nude heels from Aldo. Love them and wear them any chance I get.

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