Dream Job Style: Susan Cernek, Director of Fashion Development at Glamour.

I've been obsessed with magazines for as long as I can remember. Now as a digital girl I am just as obsessed with online magazines. I don't discriminate I devour both online & print like my life depends on it. In my world it kind of does.

When I was 14 years old I used to look at the names of the women and men on the publication page of my favorite magazines and wonder who these people were. Now I really don't have to, thank you internet.
Glamour Magazine has always been a favorite.

Susan Cernek is the Fashion Development Director at Glamour Magazine. 

 A professed lover of nautical, elbow pad blazers, ripped skinny jeans and muted palettes. 
How can you not love her? 

“Lately I’ve been dressing like an ‘80s or ‘90s soccer mom from Greenwich or Bel Air” states Cernek, including “elbow-pad blazers, roomy button-downs, Timex watches, ripped skinny jeans, muted palettes and lots and lots of Coach”.  - As told to thecoveteur.com

She definitely has an tailored style, where handbag, shoes and  the smallest accessory add a statement to her overall look.

The Coveteur was invited to take a tour of Cernek's home. Here are some of my favorite images.

Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin & Tom Binns

Karen Walker &Vintage Necklace

You can find more here

How do I know that this is a lady after my own fashion heart? Her instagram is full of shoe eye candy.

Eliza & James

Alejandro Ingelmo


For more on Susan Cernek:



Jamie Collyer said...

Great Post! I also LOVE Ms. Cernek's style. Fabulous!!!


Stephanie Hadrath said...

Really useful and elegant proposals!!!

xxx from Spain


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