Must Have: Leopard Print Maxi Dress

Every time I see a leopard print maxi dress I think, "Why don't I have this?" My first thought is always, well its winter. But now I think that doesn't matter. All you have to do is add a black blazer, or a cropped black sweater, and forget the sandals, well at least until Spring. See how I just took the maxi print dress from winter to spring? The best thing about the leopard maxi, its more than just a passing trend. It will be a favorite dress in your closet for years to come.

I went to Nordstrom this past week and saw this beauty. It's $68 dollars, well worth the fun you'll have in this maxi.

 I tried the dress on above.
Petite Tip: There's no need to hem the length is perfect, but you will need to add a belt. The dress cuts your torso and hides your figure. A skinny belt will define your waist and will not make you look shorter.


Stephanie Hadrath said...


xxx from Barcelona


MizzJ said...

Love this idea! I actually told a friend to try this, but she thought I was crazy - now I'll have proof I'm not the only one!

CMenji said...

I LOVE the first dress. Where is it from?

cheetah print dress said...

Oh i love her dress! The dress is adoreable and she looks really beautiful!

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