Showcase Ideas: Shoes Are Made To Be Seen

In a perfect fashionable world I would have a closet filled with shoes. Wait, if this is my perfect fashionable world I would have more than one closet.... I would have CLOSETS filled with shoes. You should always dream big especially when it comes to fashion.

Anyways this isn't a perfect world and I don't have tons of money to splurge on shoes. So shoes that I do buy are for everyday. But when I can't help myself and buy a beautiful pair of shoes, I want to display them in a way that I can enjoy them. Here are few ideas I found on pinterest that I are inspiring me to play with my shoes.

How do you showcase your shoes?

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Poochie said...

Putting my favorite shoes in cabinets was the best idea ever. Here are mine - http://www.flickr.com/photos/princesspoochie/sets/72157624005752488/

I've switched in and out some pairs since then but you get the idea.

Kimberlee said...

Very cool ideas - I have a very unfashionable plastic storage hanging from my closet with shoe sleeves. Not much room in my tiny Manhattan apt :/

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