Trend: Marigold Marigold Consider Me Sold!

I've always been a fan of yellow. The bright beautiful color has brought sunshine into my life when Seattle has let me down. I know there are different shades of yellow, but I didn't see why anyone would want to mute the color from its original brilliance.

This is why I never say never.  Marigold has come into my life in a smack me in between the eyes kind of way. It doesn't matter if you're in a casual mood, heading to work or a fancy affair, marigold works in all cases.

I think my favorite look is the leopard print, but you know I am biased when it comes to anything leopard. 

To note I tried really hard to rhyme the title. I think I could of done better, but marigold doesn't rhyme with a lot of other words.

 pic source tumblr/pinterest


Rebecca said...

Great color. I think the best thing about marigold is it's an easier color for most skin types to wear. There are a lot of yellows that make me look sick, but marigold I can pull off.

Rebecca (hearts)...

Shreya said...

LOVE this post. the gown is beautiful and the other outfits are soo pretty too.

Coby said...

I Love this colour! I have a scarf in it that I wear all the time. But I think its mustard not marigold!

MizzJ said...

Gorgeous picks, especially that one with the girl wearing the mint sweater - such a great color combo.

Anonymous said...

Any idea where the maxi skirt is from in the last one (with the leopard print top & leather jacket)?

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