Sharp Look for A Man or A Woman.

Hats are usually a Summer thing, you need to protect your eyes from the glaring sun. But a hat in the winter can add a certain classic sharpness to any layered outfit.

The great thing about a hat of this style, it can work on a man or woman. So when you are shopping try on a few hats and take a chance on a style that not everyone else is doing.

It's been on my wish list on Winter. I want to see how it changes up my favorite blazer and skinny jean look. 
Will you be wearing one this winter?


Unknown said...

My husband makes fun of me when i wear these hats...BUT i love them & keep on rocking them.

Amanda Silver said...

hats are always on my wishlist whenever I am searching a stylish look no matter the season

silver jewelry

Stephanie Hadrath said...

I love hats but I usually don't use them cause for me it's uncomfortable to wear it with glasses!!!

Nice selection!!!

xxx from Barcelona



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