Hmmm. I'm Not Sure How I Feel About This Look.


I am all for the clear umbrella, but clear rain boots. 
As a lover of boots and my constant run in with the rain ( I live in Seattle) this seems like a must have, but.... 
Would you wear these?


Unknown said...

Maybe with fun tights? But what if it gets warm -- wouldn't it get all steamy inside...? Overthinking it, I know. But I will say, it makes me want to watch Barbarella again.

Stephanie Hadrath said...

Well I'm sure it's not for me.... I prefer in that case sandals then it's not so warm in the feet!!!
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Chelsea **A Bit of Sass** said...

I'm not sure how I feel either. I just did a blog post on clear heels that are a little easier to wear:)

Nuha said...

is it weird that i'm oddly fascinated by these?


Madelyn said...

It would definitely be a conversation piece... I am certain you can rock it!
Fashion always has its quirks, its not the worst I've seen thats for sure!

Love your blog!!
xoxo Madelyn

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