If It's Stylish Enough For Gwyneth Paltrow & Sofia Coppola, Will You Wear it?

At this year's Academy Awards after parties, Gwyneth and Sofia showed up in black jumpsuits. I think they looked fabulous, but then it made me have a moment of panic. Will the formal jumpsuit be more of a trend this Summer, then the 90 second flash it had last Spring?

Let's be honest. Gwyneth and Sofia look great. The amazing fashion editorial shot below makes me want to buy a jumpsuit this second.. but and this is a big but..

Will it look just as good in real life? Yeah I don't count Gwyneth and Sofia as real life. When you have a stylists and a $1000 or more piece of clothing on, well that's not real life for me. I decided to check out some of my favorite bloggers and see how they rocked the look.

 Liz, from  Late Afternoon makes it casual chic. OK, now I can see myself wearing this. 

But, this street style shot from We the People, sells me on the idea. Of course, I have the petite factor to weigh, but I won't be shying away from at least trying on a jumpsuit.

What do you think? Will you be taking this trend a little more seriously this upcoming Spring/Summer?



Unknown said...

if it fits well... aka: doesn't ride up in the wrong places, lol... I would totally wear it. I actually have a great vintage one but it does happen to ride up, lol making it completely unwearable. Love the photo choices here.

AlixRose said...

@lovemaegan - LOL! Riding up, I never thought of that.
Have you ever posted your vintage jumpsuit? I would love to see it.

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