What I Wore Yesterday: Having Fun with My Favorite Colors.

I rarely post my outfits, but that's because I'm not really that comfortable in front of the camera. But two things aligned yesterday. First I had my mother's awesome camera and I wanted to play with it. Second, everything I wore yesterday was made up of different colors and yet somehow.... it worked as a look.

It's been raining like crazy in Seattle. I say crazy in the realest way. It's sideways, it blows your hair every which way and you pretty much feel miserable. So, I HAD it and decided to wear a hat to brave the elements. When I got to work, I never took it off. It was the first time I've ever worn a hat at work. Now,  I'm thinking I need more hats.

My Spun fuchsia tank seems to go with everything. I wore it out last summer and ended up buying a second one. It's color is so vibrant that it makes any outfit pop. If I would have worn a black or grey tank, my outfit wouldn't have been the same.

Can you find any colors from hat to nails that are the same? OK, my lipstick is a little similar to my top, but that doesn't count. ;)

My brown Aldo boots... I live in these. They have a smaller heel then I usually go for, but I have no doubt that the smaller heel has saved me from getting a sprained ankle.

It was fun to break out of my staple black and grey outfit zone. 

Hat: I can't remember, but I want another one.
Fuchsia Top: Spun - I also own a white & blue one. 
Green Button Down: Marshalls
Jeans: Uniqlo
Boots: Aldo
Lipstick: Mac Vegas Volt
Earrings & Rings: H&M
Nail Polish: The "It" Color & Gargantuan Green Grape by OPI



Anonymous said...

LOVE that knit hat girl. Perfect for this awful March weather. xx

Tribute to the Tribe said...

I love all those colors ♥
xoxo from Paris

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