Wear the White Dress 4 Different Ways.

White jeans? Not today, but say yes to the white dress. 
I haven't exactly started working out, so I am in no way ready for some tight white jeans. 
But I need white in my closet, like yesterday. Seattle has been blessed with days of sun and the sun reflects on white clothing like its being kissed. 

Coachella is this weekend. 
Sadly, I am not going, but if I was - this would be packed in my suitcase.
Free People does the hippie concert look perfectly. I wouldn't change a thing about this outfit.

Free People

White isn't just for the bride.
You can work white at the office. Concerned about the bare shoulders? Add a cropped blazer and you are ready for that presentation. 

Date Night?
Who said you can't wear white at night? It rhymes for a reason.
Add some sexy heels and he won't take his eyes off of you.

Nasty Gal

Is the little white dress to girly for you?
My favorite thing is mixing up a look with complete opposites. That's where your leather jacket comes in. 

Found on Tumblr - do you know who this belongs to?

You can wear the white dress a million ways, but most importantly you can wear it everyday. 



girlinthelens said...

Great post! I love toughening up white dresses with boots and leather, or going for a more Coachella vibe and teaming them with boho accessories :)


allison said...

I just bought a couple white dresses in Japan so I'm happy to see this!

single wardrobe said...

You're such a stunner! love your dress!

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