My Favorite 3 Apps to Pretty Up My Instagram Photos.

Instagram took over my life for the greater part of a year. But in the last few weeks I fell off for a little bit. But then these apps entered my life and its instagram love all over again. 

Phonto: If you just want to add some simple text to your photo, this is the app for you. There's over 100 different fonts, you can tilt the text and change the colors. It's also free. 

Labelbox: I've actually had this app forever and just forgot about it. Shame on me. There are an array of labels to choose from, you do have to work a little with the editing, but its worth it.

I have a special place in my heart for vintage pictures. The Vintage Camera app makes my modern day pictures seem as if they have been around for ages.

What apps can you not live without?
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Sandra said...

Those nails are so cute. I love the colors!

girlsguidecity said...

The name is unfortunate but I'm a huge fan of camera awesome. Plus, it has an instagram-sharing feature built right into the app so once I'm done editing its super easy to upload to instagram!

AlixRose said...

Thanks Sandra.
Nadine - I am downloading it now.

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