OOPS! Taking the Torn Trend Too Far.

Tearing up your jeans was one of the stylish things things you could do when I was in High School. But it looks like the style grew up.. well at least for some of us. 

Karla from Karla's closet dresses up the look with a color blazer and heels. Love it. 

The casual look will always be my favorite take on it. It reminds me of my high school years. . I didn't "dress up" then. 

But then there are looks like the one below that make me go.. oh really. 

I found this on Tumblr. 
I'm definitely going to be flashing back to my high school style this summer, but I.. uh, won't be going that far. 


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Stephanie Hadrath said...

Love the jacket in red and light blue !!!
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