Spring Summer Series: Mango Shoes for Under $100.

Mango Wedge pointy shoes
Has my heart loved 'till now forswear it sight! For I never saw true beauty 'till this night. 

What has me quoting Romeo & Juliet? These pointy wedges, I die. 

 I haven't been to the Mango website in awhile, but the weather had me looking for shoes. Not only did I find these beauties, but I found quite a few and all under $100!!

For the weekend. 

String detail sandal

Errands or Brunch

Braided Leather Ballerina

When do you not wear these? I don't know. Love. 

Peep-Toe Wedges

Were you a bit surprised to see flat shoes in this post? Me too. But when shoes are cute, I don't discriminate.


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girlsguidecity said...

I love the braided ballerina flats! Those are perfect for my weekend adventures around San Fran!

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