Your Boyfriends Jacket: 4 Ways to Make It Yours.


You may not be in High School anymore, but you can still wear your boyfriends jacket. 

The Look: Oversized
It's too big, but it fits just right. 
source: streetfsn

The Look: Back to School
A hoodie with the letterman jacket, now I'm having High School Flashbacks. 
Make sure the hoodie doesn't have too much material, round out the look with  a necklace, funky jeans and a good wedge.

The Look: You Fancy, huh?
Who said you can't dress up a Letterman's jacket?
It's unexpected, but its fun. You may have grown up, but you still like to wear your boyfriends jacket.


The Look: Who needs a boyfriend?
Make it yours. Of course I would totally want one with leopard print.
The Elite

It's kind of a staple, but not. I know, its a funny thing to say. But in High School, you wanted to have a Letterman's jacket. When you grow up, you forget about it. It's probably hanging at your parents house and hasn't been touched in years.

Well, its time to break it out. 


Anonymous said...

This is the ish, making mens wear your wear...love it

PS enter my giveaway!


girlsguidecity said...

It's not a letterman's jacket but sometimes I wear the boy's coat and it's my absolute favorite. If he didn't live in it, I'd steal it for myself!

Love this post! xo

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