Back In Style: The Fresh Look That Will Keep You Cool All Summer.

The first time I remember being exposed to the cropped shirt trend is when Christina Aguilera came on the scene with her Genie in a bottle song.  I know cropped tops were around long before that, but it was new to me then.

Christina pulled it off in a fun fresh way and the trend took off. But then it went on a downhill spiral. Everyone was wearing cropped tops, thinking that just wearing it was enough to make their outfit stylish. I completely turned my back on the look, but in the past year it has come back in a fresh, cool way.

What I love about the cropped shirt is that it can go from music festivals to afternoon tea. Of course, it all depends on how much of that top is cropped off. If you want to keep it lady like, you know how much of that cropped top has to stay put. I've never been one to show much skin, but its fun to play outside your comfort box once in awhile.



Rebecca said...

I completely agree. Cropped tops used to make me think of Britney Spears circa 1998, which would then make me cringe. But I've totally been digging the new cropped-top trend. Especially when it only shows a sliver of skin.

Rebecca (hearts)...

Osiris Navarro said...

I want to wear a crop top so bad. But first I should read your 6x6 post!

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