A DIY For The Princess In All Of Us: A Flower Crown

A beautiful crown can be quite mesmerizing. I think that's why every girl at some point in their lives wants to be a princess. Many of us will never wear a golden crown, but I am OK with that.. it looks heavy.

But do you know what isn't heavy and is just as pretty? A crown made out of flowers. 

In theory it sounds like an awesome idea, but flowers die. Oops, I  hope I didn't spoil it for you, but like all beautiful living things, flowers have an expiration date. 
 But there's any easy fix for that.. thanks to Ban.do - say hello to the flower halo crown that will never wilt on you. 

You may be thinking, where will I wear a crown made of flowers? 
That's not the point of this post. Sometimes we have to indulge our whimsical side.. and this would be the perfect way to do that. 

Ban.do has an easy DIY post that only requires these few essentials.
It's so easy to do that you have no reason not to do it.

Have fun! 


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