Do You POSHMARK? The Instagram App Where You Can Buy The Clothes In Your News Feed.

As an Instagram junkie, I have often wanted to buy the shoes, the jewelry, the outfits that the people I followed were posting. Even though I wanted too, I never thought I could.  Now it's possible thanks to PoshMark.

Like Instagram you can:
1) Create a profile
2) Follow other people with similar style
3) Post your own photos using filters
4) You can heart and comment

The difference is you can sell the items you upload and buy the ones others post.

The fact that I can do all of this in the palm of my hand can be too easy.. as in I'm an impulse shopper and this spells trouble for me.

I just signed up, so I haven't actually tried it. Have you? 
Are you a PoshMarker?


Paulina Mo, lilbitsofchic.com said...

I've actually sold 3 items on there!! It makes it soooo easy to sell! I'm under lilbitsofpau :)

girlsguidecity said...

I love Poshmark!! I have a whole pile of clothes that I'm waiting to put up. So excited. I haven't bought anything yet but I'm always perusing and am sure I'll do it soon! :)

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