The Forgotten Accessory: Your Phone Can Be on Trend Too.

Wow, this past week I have written about addictions and flower print. 
Now it’s all coming together in one blog post… about iphone cases. Who would have thought?

Fresh Jess & I on our phones.. of course. 

So, how can your phone be a forgotten anything? If you’re anything like me, you take it everywhere you go, even if it’s just from the living room to the kitchen. In fact I think my phone is with me more than any other accessory.  But many of us still forget that our phones can be another way to express our style. 

I have gone from a phone case that matched my nails. I really don’t know what came first, the nail color or the phone case. Today I have a bright neon yellow phone that has a picture of a retro phone on it. 

What does this say about my style?

That I like to be on trend, but I still like to mix it with my personal old school style.
   That bright is right with me.
   That my phone more often than not gets lost and the neon yellow makes it easier to find. 

I’ve had my current case for a few months. But now the sun is shining and my summer style wants to come out, so that means an iphone case to compliment my summer looks.

The print has been on the mind. I am not really a flower print pant kind of girl, but I would totally rock it on my phone. 



Let your phone be another way for you to express your style. 


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Good post. My phone case is pink, and it's so me. Love the floral designs. Very pretty.

Vyque said...

Boo, my Droid is naked and sad! Though my iPhone is ridiculously fab in a crystaled case from Japan ;)

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