Oh You Fancy Huh? Let Fancy Hands Be Your Assistant.

If only it was that easy. 
A lot of bloggers have day jobs.. I am one of them. So, the time that I would like to focus and write exhilarating content is sometimes crushed with day to day things that have to get done.

I have often said to friends of mine that I need an assistant. I was just a lot of talk, but then I found Fancy Hands

Available Everywhere
Request tasks via email, phone, or the web from anywhere in the world. 

Appointment Scheduling (Free!)
We can manage your calendar and scheduling does not count towards your monthly tasks. Simply CC "your assistant" when you need to schedule an appointment or have us reach out to the third party. We'll work out the details and add the event to your calendar.

I haven't tried the service, I just came across it on Monday. But 5 requests a month for as little as 5 dollars can free up a lot of time.

Now if they could only go to the gym for me. 



L.T. said...

Hmm..that's interesting, I would love to hear from someone using the service to see if it has helped them.


glam.spoon said...

hmm... that seems reasonable. I might just try it! who can't use a hand now and again? I wonder if any of them sew. :D

Augustus said...

I have to say, I started out quite positive with their service.

Note, though: Signed up for the unlimited plan – which of course I wasn’t naive to believe was literally unlimited.

I'll admit I can be a heavy user. But then, they wanted to deny service even though they’re unwilling to specify how many tasks is actually in the unlimited plan, which I think feels a bit shady.

Hate to point out a negative for a company that seems to be on the rise, but if you're a power user considering the unlimited plan, just take note.

AlixRose said...

Augustus - Thanks for your feedback. Definitely info a user should be aware of. :)

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