What is the 6x6? Well, I am Doing It.

I am not part of a run club, I am my own run club. So, I guess I shouldn't call it a club.. but it has such a nice ring to it. 

This past month my co-workers and I made a pact. We decided we would work out everyday in May. We kept each other honest and motivated. Unfortunately, I caught a really bad cold that had me down for a week. I felt robbed, so I decided I would make another commitment to myself in June.

My friend Lori calls it the 6x6. 

What is the 6x6?

I will workout 6 days a week in the 6th month of the year. 
I have to work out for at least 30 minutes.
Heart rate has to be up.
The day I take off from the week, doesn't have to be the same day every week.

It's really only 4 things, simple, easy to follow, but I know its going to be quite the challenge. 
I've recruited a few other friends to do it with me. 

This officially starts tomorrow and I am a little excited.

Update: This has officially started. I am 5 days in. It has definitely been a challenge, but the reward already outweighs the struggle. 



Anisa Ghadrshenas said...

You can do it girl! <3 you

Sara said...

I love this! Will be doing this with you and checking in via twitter rather than tumblr. Thanks for the inspiration! <3 #GoTeam

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring post!

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