4 Things to Remember When Wearing A Dress While Riding A Bike.

I want a bike. 
Why?  Not because I can ride one to work, or its a good way to get a workout in . Nope, I want one so I can wear a dress. 

Unfortunately, I've never seen a lady riding a bike wearing a dress in the streets of Seattle. But when I lived in London, they were everywhere. Catching a glimpse of a woman in her business skirt, or on her way to brunch in a spring dress is one of my favorite memories. 

I want a bike.  

 It has a little romance and care free look to it. Don't you want to know where she's going?

My only concern is of course - flashing something I don't want anyone to see. I would probably revert to my catholic school girl days where I wore shorts under my skirt so I could climb the monkey bars. 

It might be a little uncomfortable under a frilly dress, but it would so be worth it. 

4 Things to Remember When Wearing A Dress While Riding A Bike.  

Flat shoes 
- If you're new to riding a bike while wearing a dress, its baby steps for you. Master the dress first and then maybe just maybe you will be able to venture into high heels.
- Soraya left a good point in a comment. Flats may not get caught in your dress, but they also won't catch a slipping foot on a pedal. So there are pros and cons to flat and heels. See what works for you before you decide to bike a few miles. 

Short dress
- Stay away from ankle length or anything longer. It may look great, but just one wrong misstep and you can find yourself kissing the pavement. 

Boy shorts 
- Just to be safe. :) 

- Own it. Nothing is more stylish than a woman who exudes confidence. 

Sure, you've never ridden a bike while wearing a dress, and you're afraid that its going to get caught or that you're going to flash a passerby - but put that aside and just ride.

I want a bike. 

If you're looking for some more stylish bike riding looks check out Bikes & Babes.



Rebecca said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who wants a bike for non-practical reasons. I love the idea of wearing a dress while riding a bike!

Rebecca (hearts)...

soraya-MyDutchBike said...

If you ride a bike with heels is even easier since flat shoes can sometimes slip on block pedals, especially if raining. Heels catch the pedal if your foot slips keeping your feet safe on the pedals. Happy riding

Lejla said...

Ohhh...i wanna have a bike :(

AlinaK said...

Hey Alix,
You should totally buy a bike! Have you checked out PUBLIC bikes yet? They are very fun & chic.

I recently explored the idea of bicycles as ultimate fashion statements on The Genteel--I think you will enjoy the piece.




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