Be Inspired to Add Your Own Style to A Classic Look.

Style as old as time. I may have the Beauty and the Beast song in my head, but this post is all about a classic style.

Navy and white have complimented each other for decades. It’s instant sophistication, and perfect for a situation where your style is important/being judged.
You know interviews, meeting the future in-laws or if you’re in a hurry to an event – the navy and white combo is a good go to. 

If it’s good enough for Princess Kate, then do I really have to prove my case?

Nope, I just have to mix it up a little.

I love the navy & white combo as much as the next fashion blogger, but I would definitely add a little color to complete the look. 

The lunch date: Your favorite navy & white striped top with a pair of yellow jeans.
KendiEveryday does a great job of showing how effortlessly put together this looks. Also if you don’t have yellow jeans yet, I highly recommend them.  They go with everything. 

The stand out white/navy piece in the form of a coat. Yes, even the two classic colors can make a stand out piece. Of course it can only be met with an amazing solid color to enhance it.
Maroon pants – yes, please. 

Ok, so Fourth of July is coming up, so I had to showcase a look that showed how the red, white and blue combo can be perfect for the company picnic, a family get together or a fashionable event.
How awesome is that skirt?

But in all honesty, I would probably rock something more like this. A subtle way to dress up a staple.  

The moral to the fashion post – two simple colors, a classic style can be a perfect way to showcase your style.
Mix it up, have a little fun and break a little bit of the fashion rules. 

source: Tumblr


Melissa Wellham said...

I LOVE KendiEveryday's yellow jeans. Get in my closet, yellow jeans.

Melissa @ Melicious

Monica L. said...

Love this post :) I love classic looks and your are right navy goes well with almos everything :))

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I like this look. It's clean and ... well, like you said, classic.

Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle
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eBgood said...

I LOVE the double ring in the pic above! Do you know where I can find it to purchase? Who is it by? Etc. it's so unique and I'd love to wear it. Thanks!

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