Horse Print Summer Dresses.

Some dreams you know are never going to come true.. and that’s ok. I am a city girl all the way, I don’t even know how I would find time to ride a horse.

I know they take a lot of work and I would seriously rather do at least 50 other things. So, why do I still want a horse?  It’s that part of me that grew up reading fairytales. In every fairytale, there are two things that are always true – the Princess gets her Prince and she knows how to ride a horse.

 I might have thought in my younger years, that on my birthday/Christmas I would wake up to a horse in my backyard. It never happened, but I did think I would marry a Prince up until Prince William married Kate Middleton. I guess some dreams are harder to let go of – thankfully owning a horse or in my case wearing a horse print is a dream that is still within reach. 

Is this post for city girls who will never have a horse? Is it for ladies who find summer dresses with a horse print as a way to hold on to their childhood through fashion? Or is it simply because you like to have some fun with an unexpected print? 

Either way here are some fun summer dresses with some cool horse prints that will make any girl happy to wear in the sun. 

Beautiful Mess


Atlantic Pacific


The horse print cannot be stereotyped into one look. It hits the sunny day brunch with the family occasion, the let’s get real I have to work today look, the I have an event I have to go to but I want to have fun with my look and of course the everyday I’m just having fun occasion.  

I even found a few dresses that I would love to call mine. How cute are these?



Honestly, I never thought I would write a post about horse print. But I’ve learned to never use NEVER when it comes to fashion. 

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