Never Say Never Trend: Cowboy Ankle Boots

I’m not a cow girl, but I’ve been feeling the ankle boots for summer.  This is a weird feeling for me. I don’t listen to country music. I am by all accounts a city girl. I NEVER thought I would be actively looking for ankle cowboy boots, but that just goes back to the saying “Never Say Never.” 

Kate Bosworth

Fashion Toast

Dress them up with a summer dress. This is my favorite look. It’s the contrast between the two that make it an unexpected outfit. I am a huge fan of mixing it up and these are perfect examples on how to do that.  


Classic. The blue jeans and boots love affair will never die. Why should it? It’s crisp and fresh. Work it.


Short shorts. Anywhere from frilly shorts, leather shorts to shredded/studded jean shorts just make sense with cowboy ankle boots. 

Is this more of a day look? I can’t see myself dancing at the club in boots, so unless you’re going to a country club I would say work this look in the daylight.


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glam.spoon said...

loving that look - motorcycle ankle boots with a flirty short dress.

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