A Quick Chat with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli About Haagen Dazs & Her Summer Moment.

Last week, I had a chance to chat with Alex Guarnasche​lli. Since this isn't a food blog you may not recognize the name. She's the executive Chef at Butter and The Darby, two popular restaurants in NYC. She also appears as a judge on one of my favorite shows, Chopped.

Why am I chatting with Alex Guarnaschelli? Well, she's part of the Haagen Dazs Moment campaign, in which they ask people to share moments that make their life richer.  The best part of the campaign is that for every moment  you share a $5 donation will be made to Help The Honey Bees.

In the spirit of the #HDMoments, I wanted her to share one of her richer moments with me. 

She lived in Paris for a few years, she loved the city, but at times she felt homesick. In those instances she would stop to get a scoop of Haagen Dazs ice cream and let the taste transport her home. She stated that for her food has an amazing way of stirring up memories with a smell or taste.

She couldn't be more right and its true for not only food, but for clothes/accessories too. 

I have a more than a few items in my closet that instantly throw me back to amazing times in my life. 

1. That green purse, it was a birthday gift from my mother. I never used it until I made a trip to Austin City Limits. I carried it with me everywhere I went. Now every time I use it, I can almost feel the heat of Austin, hear the music of some of my favorite bands and remember what an amazing time I had with some of my dearest friends.

2. My Marc Jacobs Locket heart. I went to Fashion week a few season ago and of course stopped by the MJ store. I saw these pretty hearts and decided that I would get one. I then told my partner in taking over the city, Fresh Jess and she bought one too. We also picked one up for a friend of ours, who lives in NYC now, but is from Seattle. Now when I wear it I think of NYC and the amazing time I had with two of the best girls.

3. I had to put a food moment in the mix. I lived in London for two years. I developed a love for tea while I was there. Now, whenever I have a cup of tea, it reminds me of when I worked at Emma Hope shoe shop at Westbourne Grove and how much I always looked forward to my tea break.

It's amazing how little things, like a certain dessert or a ring can take you back to important moments in your life and make your present moments a little more savory. 

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