What to Wear on The Plane.

Who doesn't dream of traveling? I can't help myself.
 I knew from an early age that travel would be an important part of my life.
 My first trip was just after my 18th birthday to Spain. That's when I fell hard for the gift of travel.

It was my first time on a plane and I must have planned what I was going to wear on the ride over the ocean for days.

What I wish I would have known before I got on the plane for an 8 hour plane ride. 
1. Don't dress like you're already in Spain. Don't wear shorts. I was freezing the whole ride over.
2. Wear your favorite  pair of worn in jeans or leggings, comfort is important. Don't forget that those seats are small.
3. Carry a sweater or scarf in your carry on. It not only adds style to your look, but it keeps you warm.
4. Don't pack your sunglasses. You're going to put them on as soon as you land. That's right, you won't even be outside.
The airport is one place that its ok to wear your sunglasses inside.

My favorite travel combo consists of the neutral palette of nude, jean, black and blue.
I love how the looks below are not only perfect for travel, but you can go straight to sight seeing without having to change.

The Sartorialist


Of course, my neutral palette has to have a little color. 
That's why I added a colored scarf and floral flats to my "travel the world" collage. 

Click the images below to find out where you can buy these pieces.

Where was the first place you ever traveled to?

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Madelyn said...

You are absolutely right. I've seen way to many people dress to the nines on planes, I always find it best to dress comfortably, stylish, but comfy. :)

I hope to travel the world someday too. I visited Spain when I was 17 and it definitely created a desire to see more. Spain is probably my favorite country to visit.

I adore your blog!

xoxo Madelyn

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