The Striped Blazer: 3 Ways to Keep the Look Fresh All Summer Long.

My new favorite item in my closet is definitely my new striped blazer. 

I have a feeling that it’s going to be a struggle not to wear it more than once a week. We all have THAT item, that we always want to wear… this is mine.

In order to keep my look fresh, here are 3 ways that I will be rocking my striped blazer all summer long. 

Cupcakes and Cashmere

1.   Keep it Real.
The blazer is cool in itself. Let it be the statement part of your outfit. Just add jeans and a pair of heels. 

Wendy's Look Book

2.    A Fun Risk.
Do you dare to add another print? Why not.
Stripes + Polka Dots / Try out a few prints to mix it up.   The only tip I can add – is keep the print in the same color family as the stripes. Print and color can be a little much.

My Style Pill

3.   Color!!!

It’s summer time, that means color is mandatory.
A touch of color doesn’t have to fight against the stripes. In fact it might surprise you just how much a pop of color in the form of a pair of jeans, a dress or bright heels can make the stripes pop.

What I love about this classic blazer style is that its classic enough for work, but also fun enough for to wear outside of work.

It’s also a challenge to keep a favorite item fresh, when it’s heavy rotation – but that’s half the fun. 



Rebecca said...

Love that striped blazer! I can see why you love it. So much fun to style!

Rebecca (hearts)...

Kimberlee said...

The blaze you're wearing looks very similar to the H&M one I have :)

Just purchased another great striped sweater from H&M and definitely will use these photos as inspiration :)

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Fantastic advice. I like them all, and especially "COLOR" for summer.
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