Stand Out In The Crowd.

I know my title is a little cheesy, but I tend to favor the cheesiness of life. It makes me a happier person.
But back to why this is my motto for the week.

The last few weeks, I’ve been a busy girl. My schedule has consisted of work, HH/event/bday party, workout then home. It was in the HH/event/bday part of my day that  a slow realization came to surface. As I was standing next to a friend, a co-worker, a new acquaintance I noticed that even though we were both wearing dresses, or a shirt/jeans combo our style was so very different.

Of course, this is what has always attracted me to fashion. The fact that through an outfit we find a way to express ourselves – no words needed.

I think girls tend to compare themselves to the girl standing next to them. Do they have cuter shoes? Are they wearing a trendier top?
I am at fault for this.. But I am actively trying to stop. There’s no doubt that other bloggers, my mom, my friends, all influence me – but at the heart of it – it all comes down to how I feel in what I wear.  

 I’ve never stopped myself from admiring someone else’s outfit, in fact I will go as far as compliment a strangers accessory. So the moral of this motto post is to admire others on how they express themselves, try not to compare yourself to your stylish neighbor and realize even in a crowd you can be your beautiful self. 



Osiris Navarro said...

Love this. Even the same pair of shoes makes a world of difference depending on who's wearing them. Every girl adds a little something of their own style to it. You are so right!

glam.spoon said...

great post Alix! I have found that in my quest to photograph great glimpses of street style, I've been able to admire others' outfits too, without comparison. Everyone has their own style and it should be celebrated. :)

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