A Little Friday Fun: Go Wilde In Pretty Dresses!

I know that Pinterest has taken over the world and I am obsessed with it, but some things never change. Years ago, I started to collect my favorite images and save in a big folder called Inspiration . It's not as pretty or organized as Pinterest, but it works. And today it really worked.

I was just searching through some photos and noticed that a few of my favorite blogger photos included dresses from House of Wilde

Jennifer Humphrey from A Go Go

Flashes of Style & Le Blog De Mok

Of course, I had to check out their website. I am only upset that I didn't do it sooner. 

I am by no means a bohemian. I do love elements of the look and with the right heels, I feel like I could wear these dresses anywhere.



fashionlollipop said...

Hey, this is my first visit and I already know I am going to be back here. Really loved ur blog!
Visit me. :)


thefatandskinny said...

These dresses are really pretty. I love the flowy, easy nature of them. They look cute and comfortable.

lanja almlöf said...

cute blogg!! hugs from swe www.lanjas.com

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