Free People's Movement Yoga Label.

Is the weekend already over?

Yes, I met up with friends for drinks, for dancing and even fit in a coffee date– but I really look forward to my me time.

Lately, my me time has been in front of the television or computer, so really it still feels like I am still working. 
I’ve decided that I need to find new ways to do something for me that doesn’t require me to be in front of the computer.

Of course, the first thing you have to do before you decide to do anything is figure out what to wear.

That’s where the new Free People Yoga label FP Movement and Solow collaboration comes in.

I haven’t done Yoga since college. I loved it. I really don’t have a great reason for not doing it now.
Looking at the new collection, that coincidentally launched on Sunday July 1st,  I realized I could add Yoga
( no phone, no ipad needed) for my me time challenge.

It's a start.
PS. I seriously want those yoga shorts. 

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Agnes L said...

I've been doing fly/aerial yoga for 3 months and I LOVE it! It's the perfect way to have some 'me' time ;)

Go for it, Alix!

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