Share Your Love For Summer & Your Moment Might End Up In The Haagen Dazs Love Letter To Summer.

I am currently eating my way through this wonderful gift from Haagen Dazs. Ok, I've only opened one so far, because as soon as I received this package I knew I had to have an ice cream social. It's in the works.

You're probably asking yourself, why would Haagen Dazs send Alixrose so much ice cream?
Then maybe you haven't heard about Haagen Dazs 50 Summer Moments

How much do you love the summer time? 
Haagen Dazs has decided to create an ebook as an open love letter to one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. They want you to contribute. All you have to do is make sure to add the #HDMoment hashtag to your tweet or instagram. In order to see the collection of Moments submitted so far check out HDMoments.com

Also, for every moment submitted HD will donate $5 to Honey Bee Research.

What's an #HD5? 
Haagen Dazs has partnered with 5 bloggers to share their summer moments. 
We use the hashtag #HD5 to tag our summer moment tweets and instagrams. 

I was chosen to be the fashion curator and I've been having a lot of fun. 
PS. I was at a fanny pack themed party, so that's why I am wearing one. The rests of my outfit I would wear on any summers day.

Here are some of my summer moments that I've shared so far. 

The best way to watch the sunset. #hdmoment #hd5

A running errands day turned into a #treatyoself afternoon! #hdmoment #HD5

"You can direct planes with that nail polish color" - funniest thing said to me about my nail color choice. #HDMoment

Summer is really my favorite time of year. If it's yours, share your moments and you might just end up in the love letter ebook to summer.


glam.spoon said...

are you encouraging me to eat ice cream? well, OK! :D

aubrey said...

girl, you never need to offer excuses for a fanny pack ;)

Anonymous said...

Mmm haagen dazs icecream <3 Btw, great blog! Another seattle blogger here :)


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