Summer Inspiration : Don't Count This Color Out.

Have you been wearing purple lately? Why not? It's not just a winter color. I know we all tend to lean towards the bright colors, but purple is vibrant. 

It somehow has this awesome way of making tan skin look tanner. Let's be honest, we always want to look tanner. 

I am really loving the purple swimsuit, but there are a few ways you can add purple to your summer looks repertoire. 

The light sheer purple top – Love this. Why? Well its sheer enough to be cool in the heat, but the color covers up your bra in the most flattering way. I always get concerned that you can see too much through a sheer top. Purple is your friend.

Go ahead and wear your bright colorful summer pieces, but when the sun starts to set put on your purple scarf. Purple can carry a look, but it can also compliment one. 

Have fun with purple. It’s all about eye catching shades this summer. 

Like I said I think I am going to indulge in a purple swimsuit. This Mara Hoffman amazingness is calling my name.  So, it’s not solid purple, but it’s in the mix and sometimes that’s just enough.

Mix it up. 

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