Take Care Of Those Shoulders & Look Good Doing It.

I’m not writing this post, this is coming straight from my stressed out shoulders. 
I carry a big purse to work every day. It can fit my computer, my lunch, my makeup bag and a lot of miscellaneous items.  The sad thing is sometimes I have to pack an extra bag to carry a number of stuff I NEED. 
 Why haven’t I invested in a cool backpack?

The truth is I forget about backpacks. I don’t go to school anymore and I don’t live in Chicago. Why do I say that? When I was there a few times last year, I saw a lot of professionals wearing them. 

Of course, they were more “suitable” for work. Thankfully, I don’t have to be “suitable.” 


Rebecca Minkoff


I think my shoulders may have just convinced me to look into a backpack. Did they convince you?

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Malcriada said...

Girl, I have been on a serious backpack kick for a while now too! I broke down and got a Prada black nylon with goldtone hardware that I wear errrrywhere, its like a sickness. That studded Rebecca Minkoff is giving me the vapors

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