Trend: Office Flats for When the AC is On Full Blast!

I know I said I would never wear flats, but then my heels made a deal with the sidewalk and decided to trip me.
So, the last two days I’ve had to wear flats. I quickly realized that I don’t have any. I mean I do have a pair of trainers, a pair of keds and some kick around flats – but none of those were suitable for work.

Thankfully, my work is a little lax on dress code rules, so you can wear practically any shoe choice.
So, I decided to do my research. That’s when I came across some amazing loafers. Class. Class. Class. 

What do I like about loafers?
They come in so many styles, they can be classy and edgy at once and really these can be worn anytime of the year.

Please remember, summer is only in Seattle for about a month or two. Also why is it that the office decides to go on full blast when its warm outside? Who wants to layer it up when its 80 degrees outside? I practically freeze if I decide to dress in summer wear.

So, loafers are not only a responsible, thoughtful choice – but they are stylish too. It’s a win win! 


Chelsea **A Bit of Sass** said...

I love the way loafers look and recently did a post on them. Your choices are great!

Courtlyn Ash said...

Ummm can we be best friends? I found your blog through pinterest and I am absolutely obsessed with it! Deff. a new daily read for me! xoxo

Unknown said...

love love love

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I like the studded ones. They have personality.
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Shelby Anne said...

Gorgeous flats!

Check out my blog! What do you think? Let me know! I'd love some feedback. Maybe we can follow each other?



what to wear with chinos said...

Adorable flats, love!

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