Try Not To Wear This Shirt Everyday, I Dare You.

I am currently living in my chambray shirt. You might think I am just saying that, but truer words have never been written. I purchased my soft wash denim shirt from Banana Republic a few weeks ago and it’s been a love affair ever since.  The long sleeves are perfect for rolling up, but they are also great to roll down when the summer sun sets. If I’m not wearing  my chambray it will most likely be rolled up in my purse. Yes, even wrinkled it looks good.

It works with jeans, shorts, but my current favorite looks is how the chambray perfectly pairs with  a girly skirt. 

A Beautiful Mess

Cupcakes & Cashmere


Seriously, flower it up, sequin it up, the more vibrant the skirt the better.
I am a fan of mixing up prints, but sometimes you just want to show off a cool skirt without having it fight against another print. The chambray is the perfect shirt to do that.

Try not to wear it every day.. I dare you. 


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Rebecca said...

Is there anything a chambray shirt can't do? It's definitely one of my very favorite go-to pieces I own!

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