Beach Bikini Malfunction Averted With One Easy Swimsuit Style.

I know I know, one shoulder bikini is probably not the best way to get a good tan on the beach. But there’s a reason I am posting about this cool look today.

Am I the only one who feels like bandeau style bikini tops are only good for lying on the beach? That once you decided to play volleyball, Frisbee or any other activity that you’re just asking for a wardrobe malfunction.  Sure, most strapless tops come with straps. But seriously, how strong are they? I’ve had more than few cases of straps breaking or popping off. It was embarrassing and kept me from participating in some fun activities.

This is where the one shoulder bikini top comes in. Not only are there some beautiful one shoulder styles, but they can also bring a little fun into your beach day, with no worry. 

If you’re still hesitant due to weird tan lines. I get it. But remember you can always lay down and tuck the shoulder strap in. Sometimes a girl has to do what  a girl has to do. 

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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

LOL. You are funny. No it's not the best style for sports and tanning, but it's really cute no matter what.

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i enjoying veiwing your images on here, very well taken

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