When Being Called Crazy Just Means You Have Great Shoes.

I've been called crazy a few times in my life. Last Thursday happened to be one of those days. Why did someone call me crazy? Well its' because of the shoes I was wearing, of course.  Last Thursday I happened to be wearing my new favorite shoes. Thanks so much to Report Shoes for sending me these amazing chartreuse wedged sneakers.  There were so many styles to choose from that it made it a little hard. 

There was just something about the yellow Jorden's .

Now you're probably thinking what most people ask me. How do you wear them? 
It was a little bit of perplexing thing for me too, but I do have the petite factor. 

The biggest thing is not to over think it. 
Skinny jeans, add simple basic top or embrace the quirkiness and wear a printed top. 
I've worn them with skinny jeans, as you see above. But yesterday, I wore them with a short skirt.
That's my favorite look thus far. Why? Well I don't have a lot of leg, thanks to my petite frame. The shoes being that they're high top sneakers swallows a little bit of my leg, but with a skirt it doesn't seem like it. 

If you're on the fence of whether or not to add a pair of wedge sneakers to your closet, I totally recommend it. They're the kind of shoes that not everyone will have and there's guaranteed fun whenever you wear these. 



JennyPurr said...

Cute! I also like how Kenza wore her pair. http://kenzas.se/2012/08/22/dagens-125/

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Super cool kicks. ANd no, not crazy at all.
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Unknown said...

Thanks for the post Alix! Lookin' good :)

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