Dark Reds, Leather & Sweaters You Won't Mind Living In.

The last week of summer is having its way with Seattle.The sun is bright, the heat feels good on my shoulders, but the store windows have already been changed to fall. Rightly so, even with this heat wave I know that fall is right around the corner. So, I've been thinking ahead to see what looks I want to layer myself up in. I started the Fall In Love Series last week with plaid. This week its all about cozy rock star comfort.

It's all about the sweaters this fall. I have a weird relationship with sweaters, most of the time I think they're boring. But you want to keep warm so there are sacrifices you need to make. Actually, the fashion world is big enough that you shouldn't have to make any sacrifices. Find something that suits you... so glad to see that elbow patches will be back in this season. I never got one.. shame on me.

My red pants have been a fun part of my summer looks. Sadly, they have no place in the colder weather. But, that doesn't mean I have to let go of my love of red.. there's maroon.  I think there's going to be a pair of corduroy maroon pants in my future.

Best idea ever... a sleeveless tuxedo blazer. I would wear this everyday. 

No need to pack up your racer back tank tops cute quilted crop jackets will keep you stylishly warm. 

I am so excited to wear my leather jackets, they have been sitting in my closet way too long. 

I love the look above. I half expect her to pick up a guitar and sing her heart out - Grace Potter style.
The thought of fun sweaters, tuxedo blazers, maroon corduroy's and leather jackets doesn't make fall so scary. I never really dread fall, I just miss summer.



Style with Benefits said...

Alix! Sorry I'm just catching up on your blog now -- love the layout! Yep, I'm in that transitional stage right now when all I'm looking for is sweaters. I think you can still pull off red for fall with a sweater. But I do like maroon/cranberry for fall.

Hope you've been well!

xx, becs

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Dark red is certainly a good choice for all. Beautiful color.

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