Fall In Love: Plaid is Rad.

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The weather took a turn for the cold, so that just means Fall is right around the corner. In my effort to not fall into the black on black on black on black look this season.. let's be real, I will be wearing black. I thought I would do a series of Fall looks that you should rock in the cold months.

Plaid is nothing new, kids have been wearing it any season every season for as long as I can remember. But, I just purchased my first plaid shirt a few months back and I knew I had to get a few more plaid pieces in my closet.

Dress it up with jewelry, wear it as a coat, a scarf.. there are so many ways to work this style, that it doesn't matter what your style is you can make it your own.

I'm not one for a crop top, but dark skinny jeans and clunky heels..... sign me up. 

On the Fall must have list.
From Free People.

Now, I know what you're thinking.. plaid pants. I will probably start with plaid tights first, but I have a feeling these babies will be on my legs soon.

Also, its paired with a faux fur vest. My brother will make fun of me, but I love the look. 

So, I think I proved my point: Plaid is Rad!


Audrée said...

I just love the last picture!

Andrew Piller said...

Nice style with perfect combination of dresses and shoes.

Ans antique jewelry also so nice.

You choose a nice style.

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