That's So French!

I took French in college, but I wouldn't be able to put a sentence together to save my life.
Seriously, I would die.

 I took it my last quarter of my last year of college. I was mentally checked out at that point.
But I did take the class because I've always loved the French language.
So if you're like me, as in cant speak a word of it but love the city and language - well we now have a way to show our love in a stylish way.

                                Sometimes words can make more of a statement then any print or design.

It still has a simplicity element which allows you to have a little fun with the other pieces of your look.

It can be all about the accessories and shoes. Love the look that Sincerely Jules is rocking. She truly is Tres Cool.

I am sort of obsessed with the Eiffel Tower these days. Don't ask me why, I have no idea.
The fun thing about the French Language on a shirt, it never looks cheesy. Did I just say Never?

Will France be apart of your fall wardrobe?



Unknown said...

loving the first picture , the veil convering the face is sooo cool. it isn't really the post's subject , .. x


Nazila Merati said...

It usually is, although I stick to buying scarves and accessories in Paris at least twice a year. Although, I could do with a nice Eiffel tower t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

Where is that au revoir sweater from? I love it! I've recently begun attending a French Conversational Meetup group to try to remember and improve the French I learned in highschool, and this would be perfect to wear!

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