Work Those Shoulders: Faux Fur Sure.

Why don't I eat ice cream for breakfast? I don't think "For the Glow" would approve of that. So maybe when I am on vacation I will indulge. You maybe thinking - "I can't eat ice cream, its too cold outside" - but that's where faux fur can come in handy. 

A jean jacket with a faux fur collar, I didn't know this existed. I don't wear my jean jackets in the Fall and that pains me. I love them and leave them when the air turns too cold. Now I need this. 

Let the coat stand out. I know all black will be a look that I will be wearing this winter. I think with all of the layers, the uniform black is more than stylishly acceptable.

An over-sized coat's best friend is a scarf.

I don't think I will be able to rock bare legs for long, but that's not what I love about this picture. I love you should always find a way to have a little fun with your style.

So eat that ice cream and look good doing it.


glam.spoon said...

I'm a big fan of the faux. that last image with the orange tips is fab.

Morgan said...

Faux fur is amazing! Super chic and always fun!

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