Dance Party Approved: I'm Not Scared of the Rain Thanks to My Hooded Jacket.

I've decided that everything I wear has to be dance party approved. It started with my super cool blazer and now its a super cool North Face jacket being tested. Now, I must be honest and I am always honest with all of you. I have never ever worn a North Face Jacket. I've never owned one and I never thought I would. 

Then I got an email asking me if I would be interested in reviewing a NF jacket of my choice. 
Hmmmm, challenge accepted. 

I seriously had no idea I would fall in love.

I decided not to go with black. I went with Kodiak Blue.. it had a nice ring to it. The color is even better in person. What I didn't know is that the inside of the coat is a mint color. I wish you could see it a little better in the picture.

It rains a lot in Seattle. But what people don't know is that it's not always a heavy downpour. It's not really umbrella worthy. So, what's a girl to do? Carry an umbrella that you will look silly for using when its just drizzling... no thank you. This where the Hooded Resolved Waterproof comes in.

Of course, I had to add a little flair. I just paired it with my favorite scarf, silver earrings and my latest fashion crush, knitted hats. This one is also from North Face. I helped me to realize that like a pair of jeans or a top, this coat is just the foundation and you accessorize it to make it fit you.

Right after I took this picture my phone rang. I grabbed my purse and headed out to the movies. 
I know this will become a staple this rainy season. 

You can find the North Face Jacket at Macy's

Disclaimer: Gigasavvy gifted me the jacket and hat. Thoughts and opinions are mine.



Unknown said...

You made a boring North Face look so fun!

Keridwyn - Seattle Pockets said...

V cute. How warm was it?

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